Deluxe Large Candle Bowl - Australian Essential Oils

Deluxe Large Candle Bowl - Australian Essential Oils

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Large bowl candle, hand poured soy wax candle containing Australian essential oils that are balancing and calming in aroma, notes of bergamot peppermint and lime.

Clear quartz and wood wicks. a massive 700 grams of burn time of 100 + hours 


Our candles are all created from high grade soy wax. Designed for conscious consumers poured into our hand made bowls. Each candle is hand poured and has a wood wick.

This is a one of piece that has been created.

Our ceramics are fired to high temperate making each piece strong and durable.

All of our ceramics are hand made in our Sunshine Coast studio, from Australian Clay Bodies.


(please note: each piece is hand-cut and will vary slightly in shape and size)

These pieces will be packaged in large shipping boxes, wrapped in eco wrap surrounded by eco-friendly packaging peanuts to ensure they will arrive safely. All of our packaging is 100 bio-degradable where possible and wrapped with care and love.

Caring for your ceramics
All our ceramics are hand-made in our Sunshine Coast studio, Australia. Variations and irregularities may occur in size, shape, colour & glaze, making each piece unique and oneof --kind. We recommend hand washing our products.

All candles are never to be left unattended while lit. Do not burn for more than three hours at one time, and follow instructions on the candles. 


All orders are dispatched within one - two weeksPlease advise us before ordering if you need to receive your order by particular date, and if we have additional stock within the studio that can be sent immediately.