The Ash Collection Incense Raku pack - burnt aubergine
The Ash Collection Incense Raku pack - burnt aubergine
The Ash Collection Incense Raku pack - burnt aubergine

The Ash Collection Incense Raku pack - burnt aubergine

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The Ash Collection : Incense pack Raku 

Each Raku Incense pack comes with the holder as shown in the photographs and 20 short stick incense sticks in classic sandalwood.  The ceramic products are raku fired never to be re created and will have unique characteristics of the hand fired process. 

The essence of raku lies in the unpredictability and the acceptance of imperfection. Each piece embodies the philosophy of "happiness in the accident" with no two pieces ever the same. Colour and texture is created from forage materials from our organic farm.  

Ceramic Product

Our Handmade raku pieces are fired to a low temperature and are not created to be used a functional pieces rather than unique art forms that can be made to be cherished and gently used to hold scared things such a delicate jewellery or smudge trays. 

All of our ceramics are hand made in our Sunshine Coast studio, from Australian Clay Bodies.


(please noteeach piece is hand-cut and will vary slightly in shape and size) additional note, organic incense holders are made to fit incense in this pack, tradition wood stick incense will also fit gentle habits and maho. 

These pieces will be packaged in larger boxes, wrapped in eco wrap surrounded by eco friendly packaging peanuts to ensure they will arrive safely

All of our packaging is 100 bio-degradable where possible and wrapped with care and love.

Caring for your ceramics
All our ceramics are hand-made in our Sunshine Coast studio,AustraliaVariations and irregularities may occur in size, shape, colour glaze, making each piece unique and oneof kind, tells the story of the hands that created itWe recommend hand washing our products.


Products that are listed as Raku firing can not be replicated - they are listed only as one piece shown in the photographs we can not reproduce them due to the firing process. 


All orders are dispatched within onetwo weeks

Please advise us before ordering if you need to receive your order by particular date, and if we have additional stock within the studio that can be sent immediately.